Panel-based Systems

Panel-based Systems

The early 1990’s saw the in the introduction of panel-based hydronic heating systems in Germany. Not only did this give access to what were normally considered professional solutions to end users,  it also introduced the concept of fast response systems to the market in general.

Jupiter manufactures a range of panel based systems which can be specified depending on customer/project requirements. Since Jupiter entered the UK market in 2004 there have been many imitations of our product range yet we have maintained our position as the supplier of trust.

Ideal EPS

The original and best EPS panel based underfloor heating system. The Ideal EPS system has not really changed in over 25 years. Manufactured from 240 kPa high-density EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene), the Ideal panels are form moulded and finished with 0.5 mm thick aluminium sheet to evenly and rapidly diffuse the heat carried by the heating pipe.

The Ideal EPS system offers a clean, quick and effective underfloor heating solution with pedigree.

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Ideal ECO

Shortly after the launch of the Ideal EPS system in 1996 followed the Jupiter Ideal ECO panel. Manufactured from recycled woodfibre, Ideal ECO offers the same heat output and thermal performance as the Ideal EPS system but with the additional property of acoustic insulation. This makes it particularly suitable for apartment blocks and floors that require exceptional acoustic performance.

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In 2022 Jupiter launched the Ideal STRAW heating panel. This panel makes use of a high compressive strength, annually renewable straw from Germany and offers breathability, sustainability and brilliant acoustic performance in one clever repurposing of what is otherwise waste material.

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Ideal ROK

The Ideal ROK system brings fire-resistance to JUPITER’s screedless product arsenal. Ideal ROK utilises the same proven rigid aluminium heat diffuser plates and multi-layer composite pipe as our other heating panel systems.

Ideal ROK is manufactured from sustainable, high compressive strength Rockwool insulation, which combines fire-resistance, thermal insulation, excellent acoustic performance and zero Ozone Depletion Potential in one layer.

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Ideal NEO19

In 2015 JUPITER introduced the Ideal NEO19 system. Manufactured from BASF Neopor, the NEO19 system is only 19 mm thick and is complemented with the same 0.5 mm thick aluminium plates to diffuse the heat evenly. This is our only heating panel that does not meet  Part-L insulation requirements by itself and so should only be used on renovation projects where available construction precludes the installation of a thicker heating panel.

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Between Joist

Working within existing buildings often proves a challenge in comparison to the blank canvas presented by new-build; suspended timber floors are however just as well served by a JUPITER underfloor heating system.
Our robust Ideal range of heating panels is installed between joists on a supporting ply deck to ensure our rigid aluminium heat diffusion plates are in solid contact with the surface above, ensuring maximum heat output and rapid warm-up times.

Part-E Solutions

As population densities have increased so too has the importance of mitigating nuisance noise. Part-E of Building Regulations sets the performance criteria with which each building element should comply. Floors must deaden both airborne and impact sound transmissions.

JUPITER have developed a number of details for both joisted and solid floors that combine an underfloor heating system with thermal and acoustic insulation in one simple package.