Manifolds and Controls

Manifolds and Controls

The manifold and its control system is the heart and brain of the underfloor heating system respectively. At JUPITER we have been supplying the same, German manufacured 304 grade stainless steel manifolds since 2009. With thousands of our manifolds in service we are certain they are the most dependable available.

Best practice dictates that the underfloor heating manifold is located as centrally as is practicable within the area it is serving, this minimises the amount of floor area lost to transient flow and return pipework.

Which Manifold?

Underfloor heating systems require a comparatively cool water temperature, typically 40° C or so rather than the 65° C that radiators operate at. If the boiler serving the heating system can not provide low temperature water or, if it must also serve radiators, a manifold with a mixing valve is required.

A ground source or air source heat pump generates water at the appropriate temperature for an underfloor heating system. In this case a much simpler, Standard Manifold without a mixing valve can be used instead.

Mixing Valves

A mixing valve is fed with water, that has already flowed through the underfloor heating system and cooled down, and mixes it with the hotter incoming flow from the boiler to produce the desired temperature for the underfloor heating system. For smaller projects JUPITER offers what we term our Compact Manifold which delivers the same JUPITER build quality in a less sophisticated unit.

Our mixing valves are manufactured by IVAR who have a long-established history of producing high quality hydronic equipment. The pumps used in conjunction with our mixing valves are manufactured by Wilo and we specifically use the highly efficient Wilo Para.


JUPITER offer a range of thermostats by Heatmiser and Danfoss.  Digital display units with mobile phone integration or dial thermostats for those who prefer a simpler approach are available.

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Standard Manifolds

To suit low temperature heat sources such as heat pumps, and weather-compensated boilers.

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Compact Manifolds

Where high temperature heat sources are used, a blending valve is required to locally reduce the flow temperature through the underfloor heating circuit. The JUPITER Compact Manifold is the simplest rendition of this setup, incorporating all of the benefits of our Standard Manifold, paired with a simple thermostatic regulating valve visible on the return pipe, and a high efficiency Wilo circulating pump.

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Complete Manifolds

The JUPITER Complete Manifold set is our most advanced, and best equipped manifold available to suit high temperature sources. 

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