Heat Output Calculator

Heat Output Calculator

To help you evaluate how one of our systems will perform at the design stage, we have produced the below tool.

Thermal comfort is a condition that depends upon far more than simply achieving the desired air temperature; but it is one of the most important conditions to get right. Radiant heating systems such as underfloor heating, improve the radiant temperature of a space, and this means that air temperature does not have to be as high to achieve the same level of comfort.

Interpreting the Results

We advise that a typical, reasonably well insulated house will have a heat loss in the region of 60 W / m² when it is -2° C externally, and room temperatures of 20° C are being achieved. Particularly well insulated homes may have heat loss figures closer to 20 W / m² under the same design conditions, whilst true passive houses will have almost negligible heat losses.

Buildings in rural locations where the external temperature over winter falls even lower will have consequently greater levels of heat loss. At 20° C internally, and an external temperature of -2° C, there is a temperature differential of 22 K. If the external temperature is instead modelled at -10° C (the recommended value for Fort William) then the differential increases to 30 K. This means the same piece of building fabric would be losing 36% more heat.

Recommended Values

We recommend using a room (air) temperature of 20° C for living spaces, and 24° C for bathroom spaces.

Floor surface temperatures should not exceed 27° C for sensitive floor finishes such as timber or resin. Other finishes such as tile or carpet can be heated to 29° C in living spaces. In bathrooms, a maximum surface temperature of up to 33° C may be used.

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