Our History

Our History

JUPITER Heating Systems Ltd began in 2004 in a garden shed, founded by husband-and-wife team Chris & Susan Kollmer. Eventually outgrowing the shed, the business spilled into a couple of rooms in the house that they refurbished which would become the first ever installation of a JUPITER underfloor heating system in the UK.

A New Market

As Chris and Susan are both half German, it was a natural choice to look to Germany for the best solutions when it came to heating technology. This led us to the building method ‘Trockenbau’ (dry building) which, at the time was largely unheard of in the UK. Once the advantages of dry building techniques were understood, Chris & Susan set about launching a product range and introducing the concept to the UK market.



In 2004, Chris and Susan Kollmer were in the process of building their house and were introduced by a colleague to the German underfloor heating manufacturer, Jupiter Heizsysteme GmbH. Having purchased, and installed this underfloor heating system for their own home they were suitably impressed. As both Chris and Susan were of German heritage and from technical backgrounds, they were given the opportunity to represent the German company in the UK. And so it was that JUPITER Heating Systems was started in a garden shed in Surrey. They were delighted when they were awarded their first project and this very first system is still proudly maintained by Jupiter to this day.


We installed the first System VERTICAL on a wall in a residence in South London in 2005.


2006 saw the first installation in the UK of the Screed Replacement Tile as a finished floor product. A unique solution that was used on a variety of projects, the finished Screed Replacement Tile system has returned in 2023 in a brand-new and improved format.


In 2007 we were challenged with installing our underfloor heating system in over 150 luxury bathrooms at the Grosvenor House Suites in Hyde Park with the added complication of creating a fall to the drain in each one. Using our dry levelling slate compound for the first time for this procedure, we successfully produced perfect wet room floors to accept very large format marble slabs which have not cracked or otherwise failed 15 years later.


In 2008 we moved into new premises in Chobham, Surrey. Naturally we installed our own underfloor heating system and, as there was no gas supply, installed our very first heat pump. In the same year we were also awarded the contract to provide the underfloor heating system for the iconic Shell Tower at Waterloo.


2009 saw us install our unique system in a medieval church. Recognition from the specifying architects that our system was suitable within a historic building. This then led to the development of our specialised church solutions – www.churchunderfloorheating.com.

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The first installation of our recycled woodfibre based IDEAL ECO system between suspended joists in an existing party floor where acoustic performance was a Building Regulations necessity. The installation was professionally tested, resulting in a 20 dB impact sound improvement over the required standard.


In 2011 the RNLI selected the JUPITER system as part of the core design for all its Life Boat stations in the UK & Ireland. The system was chosen for its robustness and that it was easily deliverable to distant and remote locations. Over a decade on and we remain the RNLI’s preferred underfloor heating supplier.

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2012 saw the introduction of the new, cement based Firmax CP board. A twin-layer, 12mm thick load bearing surface with ultra-low thermal resistance. The construction was thoroughly tested at MPA Karlsruhe on our range of heating systems with impressive results. Firmax CP remains widely used today and is a popular choice where a floor construction requires a low-profile solution.


Church Of The Most Precious Blood was the first installation in which we installed a weather-compensated gas boiler together with a new underfloor heating system. Operating at a variable flow temperature, governed by an intelligent boiler proved for the first time that an entire church could be comfortably heated using a low temperature heat source. This produced low running costs which were beyond expectations.


In 2014 we undertook our first overseas installation by installing the complete JUPITER system in a large French ski chalet for an English client.


The low profile system, IDEAL NEO19 was introduced to provide an even thinner underfloor heating system suitable for refurbishment projects. Although only 19 mm in height the NEO19 system still incorporates the professional 16 mm MLC pipe, and rigid aluminium heat diffusion plates which ensures impressive heat outputs.


2016 saw the first intended levelling of a suspended joisted floor using the JUPITER system. On this project the heating panels were positioned on newly levelled ply support that ensured that the new installed timber floor finish would be level throughout.


2017 marked our first direct involvement with David Chipperfield Architects. DCA specified JUPITER to design and install a complex combination of underfloor heating systems within a historic building in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.


One of the highlights of the year was being asked by the Diocese of Westminster to urgently replace a poor underfloor heating system installation before it had even been completed. Having been informed of its poor properties by the stone mason, JUPITER was requested, at very short notice, to remove the system and replace with a system incorporating the Screed Replacement Tile and affording the Diocese all the necessary warranties.


The Hatfield Place project was the first large scale installation of the JUPITER LevelDek system, developed in conjunction with New Era and Junckers flooring. Specifically designed to ensure that the heating system is held flush with the top of the floor levelling battens, the LevelDek system provides a professional solution to the problem of providing an efficient underfloor heating system for cradle and batten floors.


In 2020, the pandemic had an impact on the raw materials that we were using in our manufacturing. The cost of polystyrene increased dramatically, and wood fibre insulation became very difficult to source as a result; this led us to look elsewhere for alternatives. Thanks to the stringent fireproofing requirements demanded for the refurbishment of the Oriel College dining hall, JUPITER developed the IDEAL ROK system manufactured from Rockwool.


In 2021 we became an MCS-registered heat pump installer. A new department dedicated to heat pump installations was created, enabling JUPITER to provide a comprehensive design and installation service for an entire heating system.


2022 saw the development of the IDEAL STRAW system. A unique underfloor heating panel that utilises annually renewable waste straw as a form of insulation. This boasts excellent ecological credentials, does not burn and provides excellent soundproofing in one product.