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October 22, 2021

Radiant Energy Distribution – System RED

Radiant floor heating is without a doubt the most effective way to heat a building – however big or small. With traditional pipe-in-screed underfloor heating systems, pipes are clipped to insulation using clip rails or penetrating pins. There are alternative systems such as castellated boards, but these all involve bulky materials and take time.

We believe that the new System RED will transform the method of installing traditional screed-based underfloor heating systems overnight.

Based on proven hook and loop technology, System RED is extremely simple and consists of two innovative components; a self-adhesive, highly durable felt fleece and a 16 mm PE/RT multi-layer composite pipe (MLCP) coated with a ribbon of hooks.

By now, you know what the trademark of this method of fixing is!

The self-adhesive felt fleece comes on a roll and is available with perforations for structural screeds.

System RED removes the need for additional clips to hold the pipes in place before the screed is installed.

Movement joints can be easily created using self-adhesive rails and perimeter insulation.

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