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MCS Accreditation – Opening New Doors

October 22, 2021

JUPITER has long been installing heat pumps for commercial customers and, as of 2021, has become MCS Certified. Being MCS Certifised provides reassurance to domestic customers that they are dealing with a reputable company.

Along with the MCS Accreditation, JUPITER has registered with HIES, a consumer protection organisation, which provides deposit protection and insurance-backed warranties for end domestic customers. You can find out more about HIES offers here.

Pictured above: air source heat pump installation (left), borehole drilling rig (centre), ground source heat pump installation (right).

One of the frequently encountered shortcomings in heat pump installations to date is the failure of installers to grasp the bigger picture. By this we mean that installers often simply replace a gas boiler with a heat pump without examining the rest of the heating infrastructure – potentially resulting in disaster. For example, most existing radiators are designed to run at the high flow temperatures typical of gas-condensing boilers. When running at the low temperatures required by a heat pump, they will not provide adequate heat output as a result of this reduction in temperature. To offset this loss in temperature, an increase in surface area is required instead i.e. most existing radiators will have to be replaced with radiators that are significantly larger, or replaced by fan convectors. Similarly, the pipework between the heat source and the heat emitters will need to be increases in size to offset the loss of temperature with greater flow rates.

Historically, we have noticed that heat pump suppliers tend to only install the heat pump unit itself, rather than including the critically important infrastructure that surrounds it.

With many years of experience in supplying and installing heat pumps, we are well placed to provide expert holistic advice to ensure your new JUPITER system is designed correctly and operates with maximum efficiency.

What do we offer?

We offer a complete design, supply and installation packages for the following sectors:

  • Private New Build Residential
  • Private Residential Refurbishment
  • Commercial Properties
  • Ecclesiastical Properties

View our case studies here.

What do we provide and install?

JUPITER employs qualified engineers on a full-time basis. This ensures that we can deliver continuity in the high quality workmanship that our customer base expects of us.