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It is a known fact now that underflloor heating provides a more efficient method of heating for large, industrial buildings than any other form of heating solutions.

High level warm air and gas fired or electrical radiant bar systems can simply not compete in terms of efficiency compared to a radiant, low temperature heated screed. It makes no sense to have a heat source at high level when the zone that needs it is at floor level - where people operate.

JUPITER provide a complete design, supply and install package for industrial floors that covers a range of design loads. Based around the JUPITER 20mm diameter PE/RT pipe systems can be installed with 1 or 2 layers of reinforced steel grid in a varying depth of concrete or screed. With warehousing and industrial zone temperatures standardised at approximately 14ºC underflloor heating presents a perfect medium to produce heat via a heat pump. The efficiency of such a combined system will far outweigh that of traditional high level systems.

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Hall temperature profile

Underfloor heating provides heat where required - at ground level.

Industrial Manifold

As with all our underfloor heating systems the warm water is distributed to the floor via manifolds.

System Industry

20mm JUPITER multi layer pipe is fixed to the steel reinforcement grid with special steel ties.

Screed spreading

Depending on design load, a sand cement screed up to 250mm is installed over the heating pipe network.

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