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JUPITER IDEAL ECO is the only underfloor heating system in the world designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Rather than being made from polystyrene, the 30mm high IDEAL ECO system panels are made from fibrous wood waste. As well as being manufactured from a sustainable material the system also provides acoustic properties where normally additional products or services would be installed.

As with the IDEAL EPS system the heating elements are finished with integrated aluminium diffuser plates with an omega shaped pipe channel and are compatible with all types of floor finish.

The IDEAL ECO System is delivered in two panel formats, Central Zone (CZ) 250mm pipe centres and Edge Zone (EZ) 125mm pipe centres. As well as the main panel types the system comes with an array of other panel types assist with installation.

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System IDEAL ECO comprises of panels made from wood waste with pre-tracked channels to house the JUPITER pipe. Pre-formed header panels are supplied as well as pre-tracked panels for runs to and from manifolds.

Each heating element is delivered with integrated aluminium diffuser plates. Panels can be cut to fit room spaces using a jigsaw or circular saw.

Additional pipe runs can be formed by routing with a ball nose routing bit.

As with the IDEAL EPS system, pipe simply clips into the omega shape channel.

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