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System Between Joist

Installing underfloor heating in older buildings is a difficult and specialised process. Preserving the original architectural qualities whilst delivering enough heat in what is normally a badly insulated building is critical to a successful installation.

The JUPITER IDEAL warm water based system provides a modern and reliable solution that is quick and clean to install with up to 3 pipes between joists.

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The JUPITER Between Joist solution uses the benefits of the IDEAL panel positioned between existing joists. The panels are simply trimmed to fit.

The panels sit flush with the joists so that the aluminium diffuser plates contact the floor finish above.

The IDEAL system offers up to 3 pipes between joists, offering a superior heat output. Unlike dry sand cement solutions the IDEAL system is lightweight and provides far more even heat.

The S.R.T. system provides the ultimate sub floor for old buildings – strong enough to span joists, high heat output and perfect for all floor finishes.

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