Unique technology

Screed Replacement Tiles – the best alternative to screed

The Screed Replacement Tile is truly a unique product. Unique products have a tendency to be designed for one thing and subsequently evolving to become good at many things. This is true of the Screed Replacement Tile.

The S.R.T. system consists of clay, interlocking tongue and groove tiles that are laid as a floating substrate on the JUPITER IDEAL underfloor heating system. Each tile is 400mm x 180mm x 20mm. Suitable for any floor finish it is primarily used as a substrate for very large format stone and tile finishes. There is no limit to the size of stone that can be used and there is also no need for a decoupling membrane. All floor finishes can be guaranteed by us if required.

Having been fired in a kiln the S.R.T. system is physically inert and does not expand and contract when subjected to heat as a heated screed does. This unique property negates the need of movement joints when laid whereas traditional screed systems require them. Having a coefficient of expansion similar to tiles and stone floors means that the risk of floor finishes cracking is completely removed.

The next advantage of the S.R.T. system over any other system is its strength in relation to it’s thickness. The tiles can withstand point loads of 5kN although they are only 20mm thick which make them suitable for heavy duty commercial applications. The S.R.T. is used to compliment the JUPITER IDEAL Between Joist solution as it is capable of absorbing deflection so that fine floor finishes such as marble or stone floors can be installed without the risk of floor failure. For more information on the enormous deflection performance of the system please see link below.


Screed Replacement Tiles are installed in a brick bond format as a floating floor and are glued together with the glue supplied.

Installer gluing S.R.T. tiles in place