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Our latest case study - heating a 16C Farmhouse

17th February 2017

Our latest case study concerns an underfloor heating installation we conducted last year in Devon in a 16th Century Farmhouse. We were approached by Woodford Architecture to provide a solution that would not introduce moisture into the sensitive building fabric.  

The architect was familiar with our unique Screed Replacement Tile system having previously specified it for use at St Stephens Church in Exeter.  

The SRT installation at St Stephens, Exeter.

The SRT installation at St Stephen's Church.

The farmhouse again made use of our Screed Replacement Tile system to guarantee that the large-format finished floor tiles would not fail. The SRT system accomplishes this through being both thermally inert and through its installation as a floating floor. No decoupling membranes or expansion joints are needed when using this screedless approach. 

It seemed prudent to avoid wet trades where possible to mitigate the potential for damage to the existing structure. Hence, rather than pouring a concrete slab, Technopor glass foam granulate was opted for. This provides an insulated and loadbearing floorslab with no curing time which can be loaded up to 50 tonnes per m². 

After the Technor was laid a membrane was applied before Jupiter installed our unique dry levelling slate. Unlike traditional sand blinding our slate mechanically binds together and does not dissipate over time. This provided the flat and even surface onto which our EPS-40G construction was applied. 


Jupiter dry levelling slate

The Jupiter dry-levelling slate being installed.

For this and more case studies detailing our unique approach and materials please visit the case studies page.



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