Unique technology

Fermacell - an alternative to screed

Rather than using traditional screed JUPITER began a collaboration with Fermacell in the mid 1990's to address the problems which have dogged underfloor heating systems for years.

Although screed based underfloor heating systems look straightforward and installation friendly in planning this is rarely the case.

It is generally accepted that underfloor heating systems installed in screed have a very slowly response time. This is important when it comes to heating up and cooling down. As well as response time, screed systems cannot be installed quickly which can have a major impact on building schedules.

Fermacell flooring elements are environment friendly rigid boards formed of recycled gypsum and paper.

  • Being only 20mm thick they are much lower in height that a typical 75mm screed.
  • Being a dry product there is now issue with drying out time – the heating system can be switched on immediately after installation.
  • Being only 20mm in thickness means that the response time is far quicker that traditional screed – minutes rather than hours.

Fermacell flooring elements are suitable for all floor finishes and are also suitable in wet room environments.


Fermacell flooring elements are loose laid as a floating floor. The boards have a 50mm lap joint which is glued and then either screwed or stapled together.

Installer gluing Fermacell to floor Installer screwing Fermacell to floor