Why choose Jupiter?


Since our beginning we have striven to develop solutions that are environmentally friendly. This has resulted in the IDEAL ECO system which is manufacturered from recycled wood waste rather than using the traditional polystyrene element.

As well as made from an environmentally friendly material the IDEAL ECO system also provides significant acoustic benefits.

As our motto 'no need to screed' implies we specialise in using dry installed systems such as Fermacell flooring elements, our own ceramic Screed Replacement Tile and our new particle cement board, Firmax CP. All of these systems are made from recycled or natural materials.

Dry installed surfaces remove the bother of wet trades and the associated drying out times. Time equals money in building and experienced developers regard dry installed systems as a money saving solution.

As of May 2009 our mixing valve pumps have been supplied as A rated pumps.

IDEAL ECO boards Screed Replacement Tiles

All our heating systems are guaranteed for their life

We know you need to have confidence in the heating system you install...