How we can help architects

At JUPITER we are proud of the quality and performance of our systems. Our heating product has hardly changed in terms of design in nearly 20 years which we believe is testament to good design.

Over the years we have advised many architects and interior designers on the best method of installing underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is not simply about a pipe filled with warm water; it is about floor construction, floor finishes, heat loss and a host of other factors that can easily be overlooked. An architect has to oversee many technical aspects of a building project and floors which are to include a heating system are not always simple. It is our intention at JUPITER to share the responsibilty with the architect of getting the floors 100% correct. We share our knowledge from countless previous projects. We can advise when it comes to floor construction, acoustic requirement, and complex between joist applications or damp issues in historical buildings. We can supply section drawings of unusual, bespoke ideas and assist with writing or checking specifications. We exist to help you, the architect. If you would like us to provide your practice with a CPD please call us or email us at cpd(at)


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More detailed information

We've tried to provide you with a comprehensive collection of downloads, videos and other info. to help with your installation.